Wildlife CSI Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers

Report in ‘The Thread’   Wildlife CSI Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers The junior section of The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in East Cheshire Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers launched their new season of events with ‘Wildlife Explorers CSI’! Members joined volunteer Leaders for the first indoor meeting of the year at Tytherington Family Worship to identify clues and work out the solution to an intriguing wildlife whodunit! A list of suspects was compiled after looking at lots of evidence around two different crime scenes. Explorers examined footprints from impressions taken at the crime locations and identified droppings that … Click here for more information…..

Oct 2013 RSPB Media Release: Tina wins top volunteering award

  RSPB Media Release on 23rd October 2013  A Cheshire nature lover has been presented with the RSPB’s highest volunteer accolade, the National President’s Award. Tina Hanak, from Macclesfield, was given the award at the conservation charity’s recent Annual General Meeting, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the RSPB through volunteering.   She has been volunteering for the RSPB since 2005 as Macclesfield Wildlife Explorer group leader and is also the leader of the Macclesfield Phoenix group, as well as a schools outreach volunteer. Through her various volunteering roles, Tina has helped inspire many young people and also enthuse … Click here for more information…..

Thursday 17th October 2013: All Mammals Great and Small

Our Mammals Meeting looked at the wide range of creatures that are included in this group of animals. Junior Leader David prepared a quiz to highlight some amazing facts about mammals like Blue Whales and Polar Bears He even did a fantastic impression of a sea otter eating shellfish.       Junior Leader Ali explained the traits that all mammals share and we learned that we are mammals too! He also talked about the ways that mammals are adapted to their habitats. Mammals are found across a wide range of environments, from deserts and rainforest to polar regions and … Click here for more information…..

Friday 4th October 2013: Bollington Cross Primary School – Hibernation Hotel

Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers spent the morning with the children of class 2 at Bollington Cross School. This event was part of Sustainability Week organised by the Bollin Valley Partnership. The children had brought in lots of materials such as old canes, broken plant pots and clay pipes. These were added to a base of old pallets and bricks to transform it into a Hibernation Hotel where minibeasts and small mammals could overwinter.     They learnt about what the RSPB do to help wildlife before making their own Homes for Wildlife in the classroom, ready to place inside their … Click here for more information…..

Saturday 5th October 2013: Deer Rut Ramble

Wildlife Explorers were treated to a fantastic talk about the Annual Deer Rut at the start of the meeting from Gary, one of the National Trust rangers who works at Lyme Park.        Gary told us all about the two types of deer that live at the park, Red and Fallow.   He explained all about the how in the Rut, Red deer males (stags) gather a group females (hinds) and defend them from other males, in order to be able to mate with the them. This ensures most of the young deer (calves) born the following spring are his. He does … Click here for more information…..