Saturday 5th October 2013: Deer Rut Ramble

Wildlife Explorers were treated to a fantastic talk about the Annual Deer Rut at the start of the meeting from Gary, one of the National Trust rangers who works at Lyme Park.


Gary told us all about the two types of deer that live at the park, Red and Fallow.
He explained all about the how in the Rut, Red deer males (stags) gather a group females (hinds) and defend them from other males, in order to be able to mate with the them. This ensures most of the young deer (calves) born the following spring are his. He does this by using a mix of loud roaring and antler fights with other males.
The male Fallow deer (buck) also holds a group of females (does), and uses a “Stand” which is an area he uses for posturing, in the hope he is impressive enough to be able to father all of the young (fawns) born in the next year.
 _DSC8809_005_LymePark                                                              _DSC8805_006_LymePark

After the talk, we made our way up to the Red Deer Sanctuary where we were able to observe the dominant stag with his hinds. 

 DSC_0010                                                                 DSC_0004  
 Thanks to Gary from the Lyme Park  Rangers  for an amazing morning
and to the weather for being so kind to us!.

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