Friday 4th October 2013: Bollington Cross Primary School – Hibernation Hotel

Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers spent the morning with the children of class 2 at Bollington Cross School.

This event was part of Sustainability Week organised by the Bollin Valley Partnership.

The children had brought in lots of materials such as old canes, broken plant pots and clay pipes. These were added to a base of old pallets and bricks to transform it into a Hibernation Hotel where minibeasts and small mammals could overwinter.





They learnt about what the RSPB do to help wildlife before making their own Homes for Wildlife in the classroom, ready to place inside their Hibernation Hotel.



 We all had a great morning making a special Home for Wildlife and before we had even finished, spiders, woodlice and a centipede were seen moving in!

IMG_0671                                                                       IMG_0668

 A fantastic morning’s work – well done Class 2!



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