Thursday 17th October 2013: All Mammals Great and Small

Our Mammals Meeting looked at the wide range of creatures
that are included in this group of animals.


Junior Leader David prepared a quiz to highlight some amazing facts
about mammals like Blue Whales and Polar Bears

He even did a fantastic impression of a sea otter eating shellfish.


Junior Leader Ali explained the traits that all mammals share and we learned that we are mammals too! He also talked about the ways that mammals are adapted to their habitats. Mammals are found across a wide range of environments, from deserts and rainforest to polar regions and the deep oceans.


Bats are flying mammals. Our younger group made hanging bats that carried tiny baby bats with them. Some of these bats will be heading for Halloween parties at the end of the month!
IMG_0689 IMG_0692
IMG_0699In the Southern United States bats can gather in numbers exceeding 20 million.
We learned how bats locate their babies in these crowded caves – using scent or calls to identify individuals – we even tried this ourselves.
The scents we used were not as subtle as those the bats have to identify – we tried Olbas oil, Lavender oil, Lime and Rosewater.
Our bat families learned a system of clicks to identify each other and this also worked quite well! Some of our bats had keener senses than others!
Our Phoenix members played ‘Who Am I?’ allowing to show off their in depth knowledge of different mammal species!
We rounded off the meeting by introducing our mascot Mortimer the Water Bear (Tardigrade).

Mortimer Moments this month:


– for receiving The RSPB’s President’s Award.DSC_0087DSC_0093


– for all her hard work updating our new website.


David and Ali

– for preparing and running the information
part of our meeting as part of Biology Week.


– for brilliant Bug House design and preparation.IMG_0706DSC_0089





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