Wednesday 13th November 2013: Broken Cross and 24th Macclesfield Beavers

Wildlife Explorers enjoyed a busy evening with Broken Cross Beavers
and Macclesfield 24th Beavers.
 We learned about the work of The RSPB.
The group discussed how wildlife prepares for winter: migration, hibernation and adaptation and we talked about the ways we can help wildlife survive in our own gardens during the colder months.



Beavers had lots of fun matching creatures to the correct design of man-made home. There was ahedgehog house, two styles of nestboxes for birds, a ladybird home, a batbox and a dormouse box.

 Everyone then made a brilliant bug bungalow to take home! We used, moss, pine cones, seedheads and cardboard to create mini-habitats where minibeasts can spend the winter.
The Beavers had lots of ideas about how to and how they could help wildlife in their
own gardens. The most popular suggestions were putting up nest boxes,
making hedgehog homes and providing bird food.

We would like to thank both groups for welcoming us to their session and for being so enthusiastic about Giving Nature a Home.


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