Sunday 1st December 2013: Tree Dressing

December 1st marked the end of National Tree Week and was also the date that Wildlife Explorers chose for their annual tree dressing event in Tytherington Woods.
The group celebrated the historical, cultural and wildlife value of trees by getting creative, using natural materials to make incredible clay sculpures and decorations for the trees.
Explorers took inspiration from the woodland wildlife, the season and The RSPB’s campaign ‘Giving Nature a Home’.
Everyone had lots of fun and artworks included a gnome sitting on a toadstool, squiirrels, foxes and reindeer as well as a Centaur and some very life-like hedgehogs.
DSC_0300 DSC_0282DSC_0281
IMG_0999 IMG_1013
Junior Leader David took on the challenge of creating a leafy birdbox complete with nesting robin.
When the gallery of natural art was complete we warmed up by recreating autumn leaf fall and by all joining in with a rain dance!
We ended the day with some very welcome festive refreshments and hot drinks.
 DSC_0377  DSC_0367

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