Sunday 12th January 2014: Birdringing

On a January Sunday morning Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorer Leader Darren and Junior Leader Katherine were lucky enough to go bird ringing near Alderley Edge.
All the ringing was done by two “C” permit holders, still under the supervision of their trainers, who were also there helping with some of the more difficult sexing of the some of the birds.
The mist nets used to catch the birds were put out around 8.00am, and the ringers went back to the net three times in the morning, each time a large amount of birds were caught and logged.
As well as learning how to handle the birds and measure the wing length, Darren and Kat were also shown how to determine the age of a bird. By studying the different feather groups of the wing ( lesser coverts, median coverts, greater coverts etc.) it is possible to tell how old an individual is.
These subtle differences in birds make it possible to record them in great detail, and when records are collated they show how well each species is doing. It is also why training to be a permit “c” bird ringer can take 2-3 years!
Darren and Kat would like to thank everybody for a fabulous morning bird ringing, especially Hugh at who’s house it took place.
Below is a list of the different birds that were recorded on the day:

Blue Tit198
Great Tit108
Lesser Redpoll50
Coal Tit10

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