Saturday 18th January 2014: Project Wild Thing

At the weekend Bollington Arts Centre hosted a screening of Project Wild Thing, a feature length documentary film that poses the question, ‘What might happen if a generation becomes completely disconnected from nature?’
The screening was organised by Cheshire East Council Ranger Service and attracted a host of local providers including Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers, the Bollin Valley Partnership, Wacky Woods, Just So Festival, Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Moorland Adventure, Phoenix Spirit, Oakhanger Project, Ranger Dan and Macclesfield Astronomical Society as part of the after-show event fair.
The film played to a packed auditorium of all ages most of whom stayed on after the film for refreshments and to learn more about the range of local organisations providing opportunities for children and families.
At the moment only 1 in 10 children regularly play in wild places. Children’s roaming area has shrunk by 90% in a generation and 9 in 10 children can identify a Dalek – a third more than can identify a magpie.
The campaign accompanying the release of the film aims to reconnect all children in the UK with nature. If we don’t, the results could be disastrous for 2 big reasons:
— Spending time outdoors makes for healthier, happier children.
— If children don’t connect with the natural world, they’re unlikely to care enough about the environment to fight to look after it.
Wildlife Explorers are delighted to provide a fun-packed programme of events to help children make the most of our local natural spaces and wild places whilst making meaningful and lasting connections to nature.

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