Thursday 3th April 2014: Nest Building at Cheadle Hulme Junior School

Year 3 at Cheadle Hulme Junior School took part in a
Wildlife Explorer Nest Building Challenge.
We learned the reasons that birds build nests and looked at pictures of different kinds of nests to work out which materials they were made from.
Children worked in groups to complete the challenge
of building their own nests. After considering the P1130227
properties of natural materials they collected and
selected items like leaves, twigs, moss, grass cuttings
and sheep’s wool in order to create a safe nest
for some real eggs (real chocolate eggs!).
The groups came up with a variety of different designs, however, they all incorporated some key elements: a basic framework, a lining to provide comfort and warmth and some items to camouflage the nest.
    P1130263 P1130242 P1130265 P1130266
The nests were beautifully constructed – well done Year 3!

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