Saturday 17th May 2014: Bollington Carnival Parade

Wildlife Explorers enjoyed a hot, sunny day at Bollington Carnival. Explorers and their families joined the parade in fancy dress to promote The RSPB’s ‘Give Nature a Home’ campaign.    As well as wildlife masks, costumes and fluffy toys there were also some head-dresses that depicted a birdbox, a bee house and a wildflower meadow. Our star balloon modeller walked in the parade wearing a hedgehog mask and ‘hogitat’ on his head!  Leader Dave arrived to take some photos and even took the helm of the parade at one point.         Our stand at the ATAX Field … Click here for more information…..

Thursday 15th May 2014: Call of the Wild

Our indoor meeting ‘Call of the Wild’ focussed on different types of communication between animals.   The group learned about the different words we use for animal calls and completed a challenging Sound Quiz where explorers identified Puffins, Grasshoppers, and a Bittern from the sounds they make.     Our craft time focussed on making props for the Bollington Carnival Parade – colourful birds and ‘Wildlife Home’ head-dresses.         Our Phoenix and Leader models even managed to make wearing a box on your head look cool!       We had lots of fun with a game … Click here for more information…..

Tuesday 6th May 2014: King’s Juniors at Tegg’s Nose Country Park

Students from King’s School Junior Division visited Teggs Nose Country Park to learn about our local natural and industrial heritage. Ranger Martin James and Wildlife Explorer Leader Tina Hanak lead a guided walk around the local beauty spot to take in a number of different wildlife habitats.       Students used binoculars to spot birds and get a closer look at some of the butterflies and bees.     At the stream we used kick sampling techniques to look at some of the invertebrate life in the stream.   Mayfly nymphs, including stone-clingers, specially adapted for life in fast … Click here for more information…..

Sunday 4th May 2014: Dawn Chorus

The weather forecast had predicted frost but our Dawn Chorus Walk was actually greeted with a mild and bright spring morning.         Wildlife Explorers and their families gathered at Ladderstile Farm at 6am, some still a little sleepy, to celebrate International Dawn Chorus day and enjoy the incredible birdsong typical of this time of year.           The session started with an introduction to birdsong by Dave. He played the songs of 12 birds we were likely to hear on our walk. (We’ll all remember to listen for collared doves calling out, “United!”).   … Click here for more information…..