Tuesday 10th June 2014: Poynton Beavers

Leaders Tina and Jen visited 3rd Poynton Beavers to talk about ‘Giving Nature a Home’.
The group learned about the work of The RSPB and the best way they can help wild birds and nature in their own gardens.
Everyone had lots of fun matching animals to their man-made homes
(Barn Owl, Dormouse, Hedgehog, Ladybird, Robin, Blue Tit and Bat).
The Beavers then made and decorated bug bungalows to take home to their own gardens – they’ll make perfect minibeast habitats when placed in a sheltered place in a bush or tree.
The session was rounded off with a ‘twig’ game where players collected twigs from different habitats to make a nest. Twigs were available depending on whether the habitat they visited was good at ‘Giving Nature a Home’.
Thank you Poynton Beavers for joining in with all our activities with such enthusiasm.

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