Monday 20th October 2014: Colour and Camouflage

Our Camouflage and Colour meeting began with a challenge. Members were asked to camouflage our Junior volunteers so they would disappear against a camouflaged background. (This worked incredibly well!)
IMG_1015   IMG_1016
Leader Martin gave a great talk about camouflage (and was camouflaged himself for the second meeting!) He showed photos of amazing camouflaged creatures against natural backgrounds and explained how this is an advantage for their survival.
IMG_1057 IMG_1055IMG_1060
Crafts for the evening were brightly coloured pipecleaner snakes and intricate chameleons. Absolutely gorgeous!
  DSC_0095  DSC_0094DSC_0088
DSC_0099IMG_1082 IMG_1084
The group looked at tiny leaf litter critters, camouflaged in the autumn leaves and located by sieving leaves, using a USB microscope. it was amazing to see them in detail on the big screen. We found a wide range of insect larvae, spiders, harvestmen and earwigs as well as slugs, earthworms and ground beetles.
IMG_1068 IMG_1030 IMG_1033
 IMG_1028   DSC_0140
IMG_1035   IMG_1042 IMG_1040
IMG_1072  IMG_1041
Member Tilly brought in her stick insects to show the group. These are incredible insects that mimic twigs and are often kept as pets.
Phoenix members played a foraging game and ‘Build a Beetle’ to round off the evening with some more fun and laughter.
IMG_1089  IMG_1086
Thank you to all our lovely volunteers who helped run a busy and fun-packed meeting – especially those who were brave enough to be camouflaged themselves!
Two of our members received theirprizes for competitions that they entered at WOW last month.  Well done!

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