Saturday 8th November 2014: War Memorial Planting

On Saturday November 8th Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers joined The Friends of Victoria Park to plant an area of the park with trees as a Centenary Memorial for the First World War. Trees and tree protection were provided from a grant by the Woodland Trust as part of a project to plant memorial trees across the whole country.
IMG_1205 DSC_0013 DSC_0021 DSC_0042                              DSC_0011 

More than 40 volunteers worked together in the rain to plant 105 trees in a mix of species selected specifically to benefit wildlife .

DSC_0077     DSC_0145      DSC_0075

The session closed with one of the Junior Leaders Adam Garnett reading the lyrics to ‘Belleau Woods’, a thought-provoking song written about a World War 1 battle in France, followed by a one minute’s silence and a moving rendition of The Last Post played by Phoenix member Hebe Arnold on her cornet.

 DSC_0063  DSC_0055

 DSC_0110   IMG_1223

The session was a wonderful example of how different community groups can work together to improve an area for wildlife whilst providing a lasting memorial to those whose lives were lost or changed forever in World War 1.



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