Monday 17th November 2014: Streamlining on a Small Scale – British fish

This month’s joining activity had a seasonal theme. Tiny Christmas robins made from pine cones were created as Christmas Tree decorations. They’ll be used to decorate the Wildlife Explorers Tree at the United Reform Church Christmas Tree Festival in December.


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The fishy theme for the meeting was very popular with one intrepid Explorer turning up complete with her own fish fins attached to her arms!
The group learned the names of the main body parts of a fish and their functions. They pieced together a giant fish from individual parts.

Leader Martin demonstrated the amazing way fish regulate their position in the water using an organ called the swim bladder.
DSC_0031  IMG_1247
Some more familiar types of British fish were then introduced such as minnow, bullhead, stickleback, trout, eel and pike.
Younger Explorers made brilliant felt stuffed fish in bright colours. For some this was their first ever attempt at sewing with fabulous results overseen (and sometimes oversewn) by Leader Helen.
DSC_0054DSC_0003    DSC_0091
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Explorers then worked out freshwater food chains combining fish with other creatures from these habitats. (Otters were very popular!)
The Phoenix group also acted out a lake food web to demonstrate how the different layers of the food pyramid interact and how toxins are concentrated the higher up the food chain you go.
Fun and games were had playing ‘Feed the baby Kingfisher’ and ‘Stickleback storyrunaround’.
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