Monday 26th January 2015: Rainow Primary

Year 3 at Rainow Primary School did their 9th Big Schools’ Birdwatch on a cold Monday morning.   The children joined in with a presentation about why we do it, how we count the birds and some of the birds we might see.   We split into two groups, each taking a turn to do an outside birdwatch in the wooded area of the school grounds and the other from the warmth of the conservatory.      We had great views of nuthatch, coal tits, robins and blue tits from the conservatory.      A fabulous birdwatching session Rainow School – … Click here for more information…..

Sunday 25th January 2015: Big Garden Birdwatch at Jodrell Bank Garden

After the high winds and disrupted our Big Garden Birdwatch at Jodrell Bank last year we were all delighted that we had perfect conditions for this year’s event. Mild and sunny weather meant that birds were out in force looking for food, making our task of counting and recording the species we spotted that little bit easier. David Tolliday gave an introductory talk on how to identify some of the top birds from the Birdwatch results last year – beautifully illustrated with his photographs of wild birds and sound clips of calls. With over 50 people taking part we split … Click here for more information…..

Thursday 22th January 2015: Terra Nova

            Leaders were joined at Terra Nova by a special visitor Maddie, who spent her day off from her internship at the RSPB Reserve at Coombes Valley to help out at our Birdwatch.     In the classroom we talked about the different birds we might see and what they look and sound like. There were some very observant birdwatchers and everyone was keen to find the birds we had talked about outside in the school grounds.   Conditions were very bright and sunny and everyone had to be careful not to look towards the sun when using their binoculars. … Click here for more information…..

Friday 23rd January 2015: Puss Bank

Pupils from Puss Bank did their Big Schools’ Birdwatch on an icy cold Friday morning. Despite cold fingers and toes everyone was really enthusiastic about spotting and counting the birds in the school grounds. The sessions began with an assembly about The Big Schools’ Birdwatch, covering why we do it, how we count and some of the birds we might see.           We thought we might not see many birds as it was so cold but several larger birds sat calmly in the trees and we could get really good views of them. These included Jackdaws, magpies and wood … Click here for more information…..

Friday 21st January 2015: Ivy Bank

After overnight snow Leaders Tina and Susan travelled along some very snowy roads to reach the Ivy Bank Big Schools’ Birdwatch. Luckily the snow had melted in town leaving just a few icy patches on the playground. The cold weather didn’t deter the birds though as they came to find the seed that the school had put out for them.     The weather took a turn for the worse and our first group of intrepid birdwatchers were actually outside counting birds during a snow shower. Luckily for the second group the snow shower stopped and we had clearer skies. … Click here for more information…..

Tuesday 20th January 2015: Kings Juniors

Another fabulous sunny Birdwatch morning at King’s School Junior Division. Children from Preschool and Year 3 took part in our survey. They counted the birds they could see from the school playground and by looking into their wildlife area, the Ginkgo Meadow. As well as small birds like blue tit, great tits and robins we got fantastic views of bigger birds like jackdaws, magpies and blackheaded gulls as they flew low over the school grounds.           The most amazing sight of the morning was a huge migrating skein of geese which sadly did not contribute to the survey numbers as … Click here for more information…..

Monday 19th January 2015: Birds, Binoculars and Birdwatching

The first meeting of 2015 was a busy one. We welcomed several new members to the group. In our joining activity we created a fabulous ‘roosting tree’ made from recycled Christmas cards – featuring lots of birds in the branches and other wildlife around the base. We also made a selection of Christmas gift tags that we’ll sell to raise money for our Hen Harrier fundraising.              In preparation for this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch we learned how to use binoculars properly and safely and we identified some of the more commonly spotted garden birds. (As it was … Click here for more information…..

Monday 19th January 2015: Rainow Pre-School

Our annual visit to Rainow Preschool for the Birdwatch was great fun. We talked about different birds we might see and their different songs. We also talked about other garden wildlife like squirrels and badgers.                                                         We walked outside to do our Birdwatch – some of the children were still wearing superhero and princess costumes under their coats!. We heard many birds calling and and saw lots of birds but the favourite moment was when a friendly Robin hopped close to us and picked a frozen worm off the road to eat.     Everywhere looked beautiful, … Click here for more information…..

Friday 16th January 2015: Hurdsfield Primary

All the students from Hurdsfield Primary School did their Big Schools Birdwatch at Victoria Park in Central Macclesfield.                  Children walked from school to the Park and arrived at the bandstand in groups to hear a short introduction about the Birdwatch, how we count and the birds we might see.          They then learned how to use binoculars safely before completing their section of the survey. The children were very enthusiastic and remembered lots of top birdwatching tips from last year, We spotted an incredible 19 different species with our biggest number of … Click here for more information…..

Wednesday 14th January 2015: Kettleshulme St James

Bitterly cold winds and a smattering of snow didn’t deter the keen birdwatchers at Kettleshulme. Children wrapped up warm and braved the elements with great enthusiasm spotting birds as they were flying overhead and landing in nearby trees.              It was great to spend some time in between sections of the birdwatch in the lovely warm classrooms talking to the children about the importance of monitoring bird populations. Everyone was enthusiastic about identifying birds and learning how to use binoculars properly and safely. Outside from the playground, even with the wind blowing we could still … Click here for more information…..