Tuesday 13th January 2015: 3rd Wilmslow Brownies

Leaders visited 3rd Wilmslow Brownies to talk about ‘Giving Nature a Home’.

To start with the group discussed the varied work ofThe RSPB.
Children then matched wild animals and birds to a selection of man-made homes by working out which design features best-suited the lifestyle of the creatures.
P1150072  P1150071
All the girls made a bug bungalow, a minibeast habitat for overwintering invertebrates, to take home. We used natural and recycled materials to fill sturdy cardboard tubes with materials that will provide lots of safe havens for tiny creatures. Materials included moss, straw, pine-cones, twigs and even alpaca wool!
P1150083   P1150080  P1150086  P1150075
The girls then designed wildlife homes to add to a woodland habitat.
To finish the session Brownies played our popular ‘Feather Game’ that demonstrates how dependent wildlife is on the health of different habitats and how human beings often influence that.

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