Monday 19th January 2015: Rainow Pre-School

Our annual visit to Rainow Preschool for the Birdwatch was great fun.

We talked about different birds we might see and their different songs. We also talked about other garden wildlife like squirrels and badgers.

                            IMG_1371 - Copy      IMG_1372 - Copy                    IMG_1372 
We walked outside to do our Birdwatch – some of the children were still wearing superhero and princess costumes under their coats!. We heard many birds calling and and saw lots of birds but the favourite moment was when a friendly Robin hopped close to us and picked a frozen worm off the road to eat.
IMG_1376  IMG_1381

IMG_1377  IMG_1374
Everywhere looked beautiful, covered in snow in the sunshine.
The children had such a good time they broke into song on the walk back and we were treated to beautiful choruses of ‘Jingle Bells!’

The children did some great spotting and their final bird list was:
Jackdaw 12
Blue Tit 4
Collared Dove 1
Wood Pigeon 4
Robin 1
Dunnock 1
Great tit 1
Blackbird 1
Carrion crow 1
Starling 2
House sparrow 1
Chaffinch 5

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