Tuesday 20th January 2015: Kings Juniors

Another fabulous sunny Birdwatch morning at King’s School Junior Division.

Children from Preschool and Year 3 took part in our survey. They counted the birds they could see from the school playground and by looking into their wildlife area, the Ginkgo Meadow.
As well as small birds like blue tit, great tits and robins we got fantastic views of bigger birds like jackdaws, magpies and blackheaded gulls as they flew low over the school grounds.
IMG_1423          IMG_1426
The most amazing sight of the morning was a huge migrating skein of geese which sadly did not contribute to the survey numbers as the birds did not land.
Our final Birdwatch list :
Dunnock 1
Carrion crow 4
Blue tit 4
Magpie 2
Wood pigeon 2
Great tit 4
Blackbird 2
Collared dove 1
House sparrow 2
Robin 1
Jackdaw 7
Bullfinch 1
Great spotted woodpecker 1
Blackheaded gull 1
Chaffinch 4

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