Friday 23rd January 2015: Puss Bank

Pupils from Puss Bank did their Big Schools’ Birdwatch on an icy cold Friday morning. Despite cold fingers and toes everyone was really enthusiastic about spotting and counting the birds in the school grounds.

The sessions began with an assembly about The Big Schools’ Birdwatch, covering why we do it, how we count and some of the birds we might see.
  IMG_1514    IMG_1516 IMG_1510  IMG_1526 IMG_1515 IMG_1520
We thought we might not see many birds as it was so cold but several larger birds sat calmly in the trees and we could get really good views of them. These included Jackdaws, magpies and wood pigeons.

Classes were very excited to see a flock, or ‘charm’, of goldfinches feeding on the cones in the alder trees. Perhaps our star spot was a tiny wren flitting in an out of the brambles.

At the end of our very last session a male blackbird came down to feed in the leaves only a couple of feet away from where the children were standing.
All in all a very memorable morning for everyone.

Our Bird List

Blackbird 3
Blue tit 1
Wood pigeon 2
Great tit 1
Robin 1
Dunnock 1
Starling 3
Wren 1
Magpie 2
Goldfinch 11
Jackdaw 14

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