April 2015: Handforth Brownies

Leaders visited Second Handforth Brownies to talk about ‘Giving Nature a Home’. The evening began with an outline of the work of The RSPB and Brownies enjoyed dressing up to illustrate the many aspects of the RSPB’s work.


With descriptions from Tina and Martin worthy of any wildlife estate agent, Brownies were set the challenge of matching a selection of wild creatures to the man-made homes designed for them. Leader Martin is becoming quite the expert at demonstrating being a tree!

  P1150268 P1150271 P1150273P1150275 P1150278 P1150280P1150281 P1150276

Brownies then set about making their own bug bungalow to take home. Using recycled materials the girls made individual invertebrate habitats that will provide safe shelter for the tiniest garden wildlife visitors.


The session finale was our popular ‘Feather game’ which encouraged the girls to flap and tweet round the room as part of the to demonstrate the impact human activity in wildlife habitats can have on nature.

Thank you to the group for giving our Leaders such a warm welcome and for our lovely Thank you card!


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