Monday 20th April 2015: The Zoo Around Us – Garden Wildlife

Spring is a great time to consider the importance of garden wildlife. Across the UK the combined area of all our gardens is greater than the combined area of all the nature reserves. As such gardens are an incredible and diverse habitat for wildlife.


Six Candidates representing different ‘Garden Parties’ gave passionate speeches about their importance in the garden ecosystem and why they should be judged to be the most important element in our gardens.

DSC_0244    IMG_0242


The first group of Wildlife Explorers found the political arguments easy to filter through and the representative of the Flying Insects party , the Bee, was elected as the most important with little fuss.

The second group were not convinced by the Mighty Oak or Green Grass but did find their heads turned a little more by the ‘gorgeous’ Daisy. They were less impressed by Plan Bee – this time though, a late surge in voting returned the Blackbird as the clear winner with the Beetle Grub in second.

In reality it is the coalition between all the different parts of the garden that makes it such an important part of nature.

  IMG_0236  IMG_0285

As well as making coffee filter butterflies children also created a gorgeous selection of grasshead characters that will grow wonderful wild hairstyles as the meadow seeds sprout on from their crowns!


   DSC_0270  DSC_0271

IMG_0273 IMG_0279

IMG_0256 IMG_0278 IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0254

Phoenix also created some fabulous Hen Harrier poems inspired by the iconic Birds of Prey and their fight for survival against persecution.


The evening was rounded off with a game of ‘Who am I?’


Presentations were made for the incredible Hen Harrier fundraising efforts made by Kirstie Boyd and Emilia Podmore. (Emilia sold £40 of pin badges at her school in Leek).

DSC_0206 DSC_0284
DSC_0207 IMG_0293


Winners of the fat Ball Challenge were also announced – Rebecca Hill was the overall winner and her siblings Edward and Alice were runners-up. Kira Dallimore and Rowan Borrow also received runners-up prizes.

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