Sunday 24th May 2015: Peregrine Watch and Cuckoo Hunt

Despite the forecast not being great, and weather on the day being unseasonable, the wildlife explorers went to the Roaches hoping to see peregrines and hear cuckoos. After a very brief introduction by leader Darren, we were given a talk about peregrine falcons by Ian Myatt, who is a volunteer for Staffordshire wildlife trust, and also led our walk. Although we started at peregrine watch, we unfortunately could not see the nesting site as the cloud was very low.   We set off along the footpath, skirting around the Roaches, which are named from the French ‘les roches’ which means … Click here for more information…..

Monday 18th May 2015: Transformations – Caterpillars, butterflies and moths

Our May meeting was packed with fun activities relating to the incredible transformations that some creatures undergo – from the metamorphic changes familiar from the life cycles of butterflies and moths through to the growth of creatures with exoskeletons like insects and spiders by shedding their skins.         Everyone had fun making concertina millipedes – there were very impressive, extremely long ones and some with lots of character (faces).              Leader Martin talked about transformations in a whole host of creatures. His talk was illustrated with real examples of fabulous shed skins from … Click here for more information…..

17th May 2015: Chester Zoo- Darwin Discovery Day

More than 40 Wildlife Explorers and their parents visited Chester Zoo for a special Darwin Discovery Day.   The group followed a trail devised to replicate the historic voyage of The Beagle and we were accompanied by Captain Fitzroy and the eminent Mr Charles Darwin (as well as two naughty cabin boys!)   The voyage encompassed many different countries round the world and a whole host of incredible animals. Explorers completed quiz questions   and a bingo sheet and they were also challeneged to do impressions of flamingos and a dodo!     Incredibly the group were present to watch the … Click here for more information…..

April ’15: King’s School at Teggs Nose Country Park

Year 5 pupils from Kings’ School visited Teggs Nose Country Park for a day of glorious sunshine and incredible across the Cheshire Plain.   Ranger Martin James was joined by Wildlife Explorer volunteer Leaders Tina Hanak and Kat Mayer as he introduced students to the natural history of the site and how the different habitats are managed for wildlife. In the morning Martin lead a nature ramble on a circuit of the whole site, taking in meadows, woodland, scrub and farmland.      During the walk the group got good views of Willow Warbler, Pied Flycatcher and a parachuting Skylark … Click here for more information…..