Monday 18th May 2015: Transformations – Caterpillars, butterflies and moths

Our May meeting was packed with fun activities relating to the incredible transformations that some creatures undergo – from the metamorphic changes familiar from the life cycles of butterflies and moths through to the growth of creatures with exoskeletons like insects and spiders by shedding their skins.

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Everyone had fun making concertina millipedes – there were very impressive, extremely long ones and some with lots of character (faces).

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Leader Martin talked about transformations in a whole host of creatures. His talk was illustrated with real examples of fabulous shed skins from exotic creatures courtesy of ‘Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow’. They included Red Kneed Tarantulas, Horsehead Grasshoppers and Scorpions.


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The craft for the day was making recycled kites. A whole selection of lovely designs were produced.

Phoenix members took part in a butterfly and moth ID workshop – identifying some more unusual species like the Vestal Moth and Wood White.

Older Wildlife Explorers and Phoenix played a communication game in pairs – with one partner drawing whilst blindfolded and listening to their partner’s spoken instructions. The aim was to draw butterflies….. and some were vaguely successful!


The meeting rounded off with fantastic caterpillar races – even the Leaders joined in!

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Leaders Darren and Martin had a Mortimer moment for their excellent performances at our Chester Zoo as Captain Fitzroy and Charles Darwin.



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