April ’15: King’s School

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers visit Kings’ School Macclesfield for Outdoor Learning Week

Leaders from Wildlife Explorers visited Year 1 students at Kings’ Junior Division in Macclesfield to talk about ‘Giving Nature A Home’.


Leaders explained the varied work of The RSPB. Children then matched different wildlife species to the man-made homes designed specifically for them.

 IMG_0413   IMG_0412

IMG_0425 IMG_0415 IMG_0428

Everyone enjoyed working out how the homes for wildlife matched the needs of different creatures, from Barn Owls to Havest Mice.

IMG_0418 IMG_0419

Leaders introduced the woolly Hen Harrier family to the class and also talked about the huge conservation challenges facing these magnificent birds of prey. The children talked about the life cycle of the birds and the way they earn the name ‘Skydancer’ – amazing aerial acrobatics and food passes as part of their courtship displays.


Despite the rain showers the whole group were able to play environmental games by the Gingko Meadow to illustrate the impact human beings have on the survival of wild birds and other wildlife.

Leaders would like to thank Year 1 for the fantastic warm welcome they received.

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