June ’15 : Prestbury Rainbows

Leaders joined Prestbury Rainbows for a busy session about ‘Giving Nature a Home’.


The girls learned how changes we make in our own gardens can benefit wildlife. We talked about how providing flowering plants, trees and shrubs, a pond and log piles can all be good for wildlife. We also demonstrated how longer grass on your lawn provides more places for insects to hide and shelter.

P1160245  P1160241
P1160249 P1160248

Rainbows all made a brightly coloured butterfly to take home to remind them to think about Giving nature a Home in their own gardens.


The group also met our Woolly Hen Harrier family. As well as talking out about the about the conservation challenges facing these rare birds in England, Leaders showed how the behaviour of Hen Harriers leads to them being referred to as ‘Skydancers’. (With some nifty puppetry from Frankie and Tina). Rainbows placed eggs in the Hen harrier nest, then fluffy chicks. We all hope that real Hen Harrier nests will be successful again in England soon.


Thank you to Prestbury Rainbows for their kind donation to our Skydancer appeal.

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