Monday 16th November 2015: Happy Hibernators

The last Wildlife Explorers indoor meeting of 2015 was appropriately seasonal, focussing on how wildlife around the world copes with falling temperatures and harsh winter weather.  Nature copes with the changing seasons in a number of incredible ways. From migration to hibernation the children enjoyed finding out more about how our British wildlife adapts to colder temperatures and shorter days.

Explorers learned how bats reduce their metabolic rates to deal with long periods without food, how hares and stoats change colour to stay camouflaged in the snow and all about incredible butterfly migrations. Appreciating the challenges faced by wild creatures helps to demonstrate how we can all take action to help wildlife in our own gardens. It is easy to make a significant difference on our own doorsteps with simple changes like feeding the birds regularly and providing shelter for overwintering insects and hibernating frogs and toads.

The children also made natural pine cone mice Christmas decorations – some to take home and some that will star on the Wildlife Explorers Christmas Tree at the United Reformed Church Christmas Tree Festival.


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