January 2016: Hurdsfield Primary School – Victoria Park

Pupils from Hurdsfield Primary School walked in groups from school to take part in Birdwatching sessions at Victoria Park. Despite a poor weather forecast the children were full of enthusiasm and Leaders were very impressed with the large amount of information that the young birdwatchers recalled from sessions in previous years.

IMG_1209IMG_1211 IMG_1202IMG_1198 IMG_1197

Based on the bandstand, pupils used binoculars and ID sheets to help them count different bird species. Pupils spotted Britain’s two tiniest birds – the goldcrest and the wren, a huge flock of Long-tailed tits and the largest total of Wood pigeons in our School Birdwatches this year.

Blackbird 2
Blackheaded gull 4
Blue tits 3
Carrion crow 3
Feral pigeon 1
Goldcrest 3
Great tit 1
Jackdaw 2
Long-tailed tit 8
Magpie 2
Robin 1
Treecreeper 2
Wood pigeon 36
Wren 1

Flying over – Jackdaws 40, Blackheaded gulls 8, Doves (white domesticated) 2,


Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers would like to thank the pupils and staff
for hosting a 2016 Big Schools’ Birdwatch.

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