Saturday 19th March 2016: Celebration Planting

Heritage Walk plus WEx

The 30th Anniversary celebrations for Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers continued with a special event where volunteers from the group and Food4Macc worked together on a planting project at Heritage Walk in the centre of town. The children had chosen a selection of pollinator-friendly plants by voting at an earlier indoor meeting and set about planting them with great enthusiasm.

Grace Carter Grace Podmore Imogen Strickland
















The hard-working team also successfully refurbished twoJunior Leaders working hard! hibernation hotels – specially constructed invertebrate habitats – that will provide plenty of safe havens for overwintering creepy crawlies.

                              For the bees



Like any anniversary celebration the session was rounded off with plenty of smiles and slices of tasty cake.

Celebration Cake - Grace Carter, Imogen Strickland, Emilia PodmoreP1180473

Thanks to the Macclesfield RSPB Local Group and ANSA for their support and Food4Mac for the donation of plants to this great scheme.

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