May 2016: Congleton First Cubs and Beavers

Leaders from Wildlife Explorers ran ‘Saving Nature’ sessions for Congleton First Beaver and Cub  Scouts.

After making fabulous bird crafts featuring endangered and iconic bird species, the scouts considered the complex questions facing all conservationists:

  • What are the benefits of Nature?
  • What are the threats to Nature?
  • What can we do to help and make a difference?


The children split into groups to discuss individual questions and had lots of interesting discussions with Leaders before presenting their conclusions.

IMG_9614 IMG_9615 IMG_9617

We learned about a whole host of creatures that are endangered but don’t often feature in conservation campaigns to save nature as they are regarded as unattractive.   We discussed the important roles that all creatures play in their habitats, whether they are cute and cuddly or not!

Then it was time to learn about England’s most endangered bird of prey, the Hen Harrier. The woolly hen harrier family helped to illustrate some of the fascinating behaviour of these birds, like ‘skydancing’ and everyone enjoyed meeting the fluffy chicks.

Funds raised from RSPB pin badges sold at the end of the session will all be allocated to Hen Harrier conservation.


The session was rounded off with lots of fun and games as usual   – this time we tried our hand at Playdough Charades featuring a whole host of endangered creatures and then a spot of Blindfolded Blobfish!

IMG_9652 IMG_9659

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