Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build Monitoring at Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s Site Danes Moss


Volunteers from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorer’s project The Macclesfield Big Bird Box Box Build revisited Danes Moss as part of the ongoing monitoring of the nest boxes sited there earlier this year.

IMG_3525  IMG_3521



Everyone was delighted to observe some of the breeding success facilitated by the new boxes. Ringers from South Manchester Ringing group were on hand to ring a family of six pied flycatchers   in one box and a family of six blue tits were observed  in another. Nests where families of tits had already fledged were also recorded.

Pied Fly pulli in Schwegler2

Although specialised boxes erected specifically for willow tits were not used this season – possibly as they select their nest sites very early in spring –  there was some evidence that the boxes had been investigated.  The team are hopeful that this BoCC Red List bird can be attracted to breed next year.

(The UK’s birds can be split in to three categories of conservation importance – Birds of Conservation Concern –  red, amber and green.  Red is the highest conservation priority, with   species needing urgent action).

The project is funded by a mix of public donations, a crowdfunding campaign and a grant from Macclesfield Town Council. The Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build involves making and installing nestboxes across the Macclesfield area providing more opportunities for nesting birds, making our local environment richer in nature for everyone to enjoy. Lots of volunteers from different organisations are taking part.

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