Monday 20th June 2016: Lin Townsley Award

The end of our 2015-16 season saw several of our members receive awards for attendance throughout the year. This year also saw a very special award given for the very first time.

The Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers’ ‘Lin Townsley Award for Young Person’s Contribution to Nature Conservation’ was awarded to Kat Mayer who has attended the group for many years as a Wildlife Explorer, Phoenix member, Junior Leader and now Assistant Leader.

Lin Townsley started the YOC group in Macclesfield 30 years ago and ran the group for 12 years and in 1998 received a print of an avocet as a thank you from the RSPB. Sadly Lin died last year and the group wanted to do something in her memory, hence this award. At Lin’s funeral the music was bird song and the eulogy mainly reflected on Lin’s involvement with YOC/Wildlife Explorers and The RSPB, her love of bird song and how she encouraged others. The picture in the background of the photograph of Kat receiving her award is of Lin receiving her ‘thank you’ print in 1998.

The first recipient, Kat Mayer, started coming to Wildlife Explorers when she was 9.  She has just completed a Conservation and Wildlife Management course at Reaseheath College and next year will be going to Aberystwyth University to study for a degree in ecology.  She is also training to be a ringer with South Manchester Ringing Group.

Congratulations Kat on being a dedicated member of our group for many years, for being a great example to younger members of the group and for making a difference for wildlife with her commitment to nature conservation.

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