Sunday 25th September 2016: Jodrell Bank Working Party

Building on a successful work party last year, volunteers from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers once again joined staff from the Jodrell Bank Arboretum to work on the restoration of a wildlife pond.

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The team worked hard to clear the banks of regrowth following the large-scale removal of nettles, brambles and saplings that took place last year around pond, whilst staff members began the second stage of dredging the pond . The project is designed to improve the pond as a wildlife habitat in the longer term and will also contribute to the provision of a nature education resource in future.

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The group really enjoyed the work party and gained lots of satisfaction knowing that this was a real opportunity to be actively involved in nature conservation work at one of our iconic local tourist attractions.



Special thanks to Leader Darren for spending his Birthday taking some positive action for nature with the group (after an early morning bird ringing too!)  Refreshments including delicious Birthday cake were a very welcome way to round off the morning.

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