Saturday 8th October 2016: Nature Needs You

Young visitors flocked to the annual ‘Nature Needs You’ event organised by  Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers at Tegg’s Nose Country Park. The event showcased a wide range of different activities all aimed at helping garden wildlife through the cold months ahead. With different bird foods and bird feeders to make, wildflower and native seed planting and the construction of homes for solitary bees, there was something for everyone. The group also offered some natural crafts and fun activities like balloon modelling and a Wildlife Explorer Trail around the park.
Visiting families had lots of fun taking positive action to help the wildlife in their gardens. It is good to remember that there are many simple, inexpensive things we can all do to improve our gardens for wildlife – like making sure there is a variety of food and fresh water available for the birds over the winter.
img_0087             img_0089                img_0096
As well as collecting lots of nature information and wildlife gardening tips, visitors of all ages were encouraged to  make a variety of bird nestbox designs to either take home or to contribute to the group’s project, The Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build. The nestboxes will provide valuable roosting sites for birds over the winter and hopefully nest locations come the spring breeding season.
img_0098           img_0092
The Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build is supported by a local nature conservation partnership that also includes The RSPB Macclesfield Local Group and Cheshire Wildlife Trust.  Bird box kit materials and tools have been funded by public donations and a grant from Macclesfield Town Council Community Grant Scheme.  Lots of different community groups have contributed by making and painting a range of different nestbox designs. Completed boxes are being installed in local green spaces across the Macclesfield area including nature reserves and school grounds.




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