Monday 21st November 2016: Wildlife and the Weather

The final Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers meeting of 2016 took place at The Salvation Army Hall on Roe Street. Given the recent storms, fog and frost it was fitting that the theme for the session was ‘Wildlife and the Weather’.
As well as considering the ways that wild creatures adapt to cope with extreme weather conditions the group also looked at the differences between short-term weather patterns and the longer-term issue of climate change. The children discussed the current and potential future impact of climate change on the natural world.  Explorers then suggested ways we can all help reduce our own contributions to greenhouse gas emissions by making many aspects of our lives ‘greener’, such as recycling more, eating less meat, buying locally, using public transport, walking or cycling, etc.
The session started with a feely bag challenge where explorers had to identify unseen natural items using the sense of touch alone.  After some initial trepidation, pine cones, conkers, acorns and moss were all correctly recognised.
dsc_0174            dsc_0175
Explorers then all made weather pictures using watercolours and salt to create amazing effects for rainy, sunny and snowy scenes.
dsc_0208-2 dsc_0189 dsc_0205-2      dsc_0190 img_0175                         img_0174dsc_0204 img_0176
A ‘Who am I?’ guessing games in silly hats brought the meeting to a close with lots of giggles.dsc_0225-2               dsc_0229
In Britain we are preoccupied with talking about the weather but we don’t often think about the impact that drought, storms, flooding and heavy snowfall all have on nature. Wildlife Explorers enjoyed coming up with lots of ideas on how we can make a difference. Topically for this time of the year, putting out food and fresh water was top of the list to help our garden birds over winter.


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