Monday 16th January 2017: Brilliant British Birds

The first meeting of 2017 – Brilliant British Birds – focussed on preparing Wildlife Explorers for The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of the month. (28-29th January).


The session started with members using their imaginations to design a bird that would be suited to living in Macclesfield (in the town or surrounding countryside). The result – a pleasing array of brightly plumaged birds ( most of which had waterproof properties!)

The group considered how birdwatchers use their senses to identify birds by shape, colour and size and separate species by their different calls.  Then the children learned how to use binoculars safely, identifying a selection of garden bird pictures suspended on a washing line. (A great solution in a meeting held after dusk in the winter!)


Wildlife Explorers all made sparrowhawk darts in a range of colours – realistic  and psychedelic – and had lots of fun testing them out.






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