Wednesday 18th January 2017: Bosley Bobkins and Bosley St Mary’s Primary

Leaders visited Bobkins Nursery and Bosley St Mary’s Primary School on the same morning. Despite the misty morning the air was full of birdsong .

Infant and Junior Classes remembered lots of information from previous birdwatches, like how and why we count the birds for The RSPB,  and all of the important guidelines for using binoculars safely.



As well as healthy populations of starling and house sparrow, children spotted collared doves, carrion crow, mallard, robin and dunnock.

Students counted an incredible 244 Canada geese in the field (with a sneaky farmyard goose and two Barnacle geese hiding in the crowds and boosting their numbers).

Thank you to everyone who took part in a brilliant Bosley  Birdwatch!

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