Wednesday 25th January 2017:Kettleshulme St James Primary School

Our afternoon Birdwatch at Kettleshulme St. James  Primary School this year was conducted in bright winter sunshine. It was cold and blustery too so students wrapped up well with gloves, coats and some fantastic hats.

All three classes learned about the ways birdwatchers use their senses to help identify birds. Class three even identified some famous birdwatchers (from Albert Einstein to Cameron Diaz!).


Volunteer Leaders were very impressed at how well all the children remembered the safety rules for using binoculars from last year’s survey– ‘Never look at the sun with binoculars’ was especially important due to the weather conditions.


Lots of birds were in full voice, singing in the trees. Many of the birds were seeking shelter from the cold in the thicker bushes and ivy on the trees so they were difficult to spot. Pupils still managed to a compile a bird list of 14 different species including bullfinch, kestrel and greenfinch.


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