Monday 6th February 2017: Deep Blue Sea

Our indoor meeting for February took place on a night of pouring rain – appropriate for a meeting about lots of water!

At the start of this very creative meeting Wildlife Explorers used their imagination to create a fabulous array of acrostic poems – all based on nature and wildlife.

Leader Martin made sure he was wearing the correct safety equipment – a wet suit, fins and face mask! – to talk to the group about the different layers in the ocean. He explained how changes in light and importantly pressure alter the communities of organisms at different depths.

The hall heating was on the blink so running around games were a great way of warming up. The Puffin game demonstrated how puffins fly out to sea to catch sand eels  – returning to feed the young in their burrows. The ‘Kittiwake and Skua’ game cast Junior Leader Will as a Skua stealing food from seabirds trying to take hard earned food back to their nests.


Phoenix also played a game with Marine viewers, identifying a series of creatures concealed in a bucket of water!

All the children started art projects that will eventually be used in the display at our planned exhibition at Tegg’s Nose Country Park in April. Amazing woven pictures represent and reflect the layers of the ocean – deep dark colours representing depths, shimmering silvers – the ocean currents and glittering surf.


Leaders are hoping that members will be inspired to learn more about the sea and join us to on our coastal weekend away in Wales!

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