Monday 4th September 2017: Teggs Nose Farm Pond Survey

Leaders and RSPB Phoenix members visited Tegg’s Nose Farm to conduct a second annual pond survey. This was a fantastic opportunity for the group to learn about the variety of aquatic minibeasts and how to identify them to family level.


Leader David Wilson who has just started his MSc studies on River Science was on hand to help with identification and sampling techniques. (He couldn’t wait to don some waders and get into the pond in search of aquatic invertebrates!)


We kept separate lists for the two main ponds. Unfortunately, due to the dry weather over the summer, the swales were quite dry so we were unable to dip these to see if there was a different assemblage of species. (………….if only we had waited a week or so!).



Blood worm

Freshwater shrimp

Gnat larvae

Pond snail

Segmented worms – Lumbricus variegatus




Dwarf pond snail


Freshwater shrimp

Great pond snail

Greater water boatman

Lesser water boatman

Segmented worms – Lumbricus variegatus

Water fleas: daphnia, cyclops

Water spider

Whirlygig beetle


The group were also delighted to see an adult common frog in the vegetation at the side of the main pond.

Kestrel and buzzard were also spotted overhead which bodes well as volunteers with The Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build were on hand during the session to put up two kestrel boxes, kindly purchased by the farm in support of our project.

Thank you to Tegg’s Nose Farm for hosting this popular educational event.


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