Saturday 4th November 2017: Meadow Conservation Work Party

Wildlife Explorers met at RSPB Coombes Valley Nature Reserve armed with gardening gloves and spades. After a short drive to the newly acquired Bellpit Meadow they were ready to begin as morning of conservation work creating a new hedgerow.

Paul Bennett, the Coombes Valley Warden showed everyone how to plant using a technique called slit planting and Leader Martin explained how to use tools safely. Bare root and cell grown plants were used from a mixture of native hedgerow species including hawthorn, hazel, field maple, dogwood and crab apple.

The weather stayed dry for the whole session and a large double-row section of hedgerow was planted. Wildlife Explorers were delighted to be able to contribute to work that will directly benefit The RSPB.

The conservation work is part of a project creating woodland buffering, vital for wildlife at the periphery of the reserve supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It means that the woodland edge habitats will gently transition to meadow rather than presenting a harsh boundary.

After the session, families enjoyed refreshments then returned to the main reserve to explore the family attractions such as Play Trail (with a brilliant mud kitchen) and the Canopy Walk Way.


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