16th January 2018: Ivy Bank Primary Big Schools Birdwatch

Intrepid birdwatchers in Year One at Ivy Bank defied the weather forecast (and a few showers of sleet) to contribute to The RSPB’s Big School Birdwatch.

The morning’s sessions started in the classroom with and introduction to the world of Wildlife Explorers. Each class built a ‘wildlife explorer’ with key items of equipment: binoculars, magnifying glass, pond net, ID book and of course a Wildlife Explorers T-shirt!

The children learned about all the different activities wildlife explorers get involved in with the help of some volunteers! Students also had fun identifying the Top 10 Cheshire Garden birds – great practice for when they got outside with their binoculars.


The children counted the birds in the school grounds and despite the cold, windy weather they managed to spot a great total of 15 different species. As well as a colourful group of singing goldfinch Leaders were also delighted to spot greenfinch, chaffinch, house sparrow and collared dove. Although we counted large flocks of jackdaw and woodpigeon flying overhead only small numbers landed to count as part of our survey.

Bird List
Blackheaded gull
Blue tit
Carrion crow
Collared dove
Feral pigeon
Great tit
House sparrow
Wood pigeon

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