18th January 2018: Horton St Michael’s First School Big Schools Birdwatch

Volunteer Leaders began their visit to Horton St. Michael’s with an assembly about Wildlife Explorers and the Top 10 garden birds from the Big Garden Birdwatch 2017. Leaders were impressed when our bird pictures were identified by children in the audience of all ages.

Birdwatchers from Nursery and Hazel class were the first to complete their section of the Birdwatch. Unfortunately this coincided with the start of a very heavy shower of sleet. Luckily there was plenty of shelter and an excellent view point from the school gazebo. Despite the terrible weather we managed to see a woodpigeon and a robin, both seemingly unphased by the downpour.

Sycamore Class were next to brave the sleet and also spotted a male blackbird probing the wet grass for worms.

The last class to take part were Maple class and the weather was much kinder for them. (The sun even peeped out). Children had been making bird food and feeders in preparation for the day’s activities and we could see birds flitting around them in the woods.

We managed to see more species as the birds no longer had to shelter from the inclement weather.

Thank you to all the children and staff at Horton St Michael who coped with the chaos of having a tree down across the road and still got organised in time for our assembly.

Bird List
Blue tit
Carrion crow
Coal tit
Great tit
Long-tailed tit
Wood pigeon

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