23rd January 2018: Puss Bank School Big Schools Birdwatch

The Puss Bank Big Schools’ Birdwatch involved Reception, Year One and Year 2 classes. After an Assembly where children identified the Top 10 Cheshire Garden Birds (our best school so far at identifying chaffinches and starlings!) the infant classes recapped the safety rules for using binoculars. After a quick demonstration on how to count birds for the survey they were ready to begin.

The children worked in pairs sharing binoculars and ID sheets to great effect.
Despite some and a few spells of light drizzle there were several small birds singing and one group of birdwatchers were even serenaded by a rather beautiful robin.
Everyone got good views of wood pigeon and blue tits and several groups got to see a noisy magpie exploring near the school gates.

As usual the most abundant birds were the jackdaws, swooping round the building, loafing in the trees and warming themselves on chimney pots. We even watched one resourceful jackdaw looking for food amongst the moss on the school roof.
Thank you to all of our Puss Bank Birdwatchers for being so enthusiastic about counting the birds in the school grounds.

Bird List
Blackbird 1
Blue tit 2
Chaffinch 2
Collared dove 1
Feral pigeon 2
Great tit 3
Jackdaw 18
Magpie 1
Robin 1
Woodpigeon 2
Flying over – Blackheaded gulls, a charm of goldfinches, a large flock of redwing (x30)

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