24th January 2018: Kettleshulme Big Schools Birdwatch

The whole school at Kettleshulme St. James took part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch. Each class started with an introduction session that covered garden bird identification skills and the safe use of binoculars. Leaders were extremely impressed by how well everyone remembered their binocular safety rules!

The children soon got the hang of using their binoculars when the groups got outside. The young birdwatchers were very patient. On many occasions birds remained hidden in the thick, twiggy hedges, even though we could hear lots of birdsong clearly. When the birds finally broke cover – often spotted when a sudden movement indicated that birds had changed position or were heading for the bird feeders in the neighbouring garden, everyone got chance to focus on identifying species.

All ages used ID charts well and we were delighted that amongst our bird list we had three types of finch – chaffinch, goldfinch and bullfinch.

Thank you to the school for our warm welcome on a cold and breezy afternoon.
Bird List
Blue tit
Coal tit
Great tit
Long-tailed tit

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