26th January 2018: Hurdsfield Primary Big Schools Birdwatch

The sunniest morning of the Birdwatch so far was our morning at Hurdsfield Primary School. It was also the first Birdwatch that we have ever done based in an amphitheatre!

The morning began with an assembly – Leaders ‘built’ a Wildlife Explorer (we are getting good at that!) – complete with T-shirt, binoculars, dipping net and magnifying class. In preparation for the sessions outside the children also learned the method to count birds for the survey and the safety rules for using binoculars.

Groups of children based on the school year groups made their way out onto the field in turn and the Birdwatch began in earnest.

It was notable to see the increased numbers of blackheaded gulls and jackdaws circling the school around break-time. No doubt waiting for tasty morsels of dropped snacks that they may be able to collect.

Most classes saw magpies, jackdaws, carrion crows and woodpigeons. Some were also treated to great views of blue tits flitting through the trees and a beautiful robin singing.

Reception class were the best birdwatchers of all – they stayed quiet as mice so they didn’t scare away any birds.

Bird List
Blackheaded gull
Blue tit
Carrion crow
Great tit
House sparrow
Pied wagtail

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