Monday 12th February 2018: Prehistoric Wildlife – Discovering Dinosaurs and Fossils

The Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers February indoor meeting involved some time travel as we focussed our attention on the origins of modern birds!

Both age groups headed back millions of years to the age of the dinosaurs for all of our crafts, games and activities. The dinosaur name game at the start of the meeting got everyone scratching their heads as they worked out the origins of those amazing dinosaur species names and even created some of their own! Then it was time to dig out Leader Martin’s trusty geological timeline scarf to help to work out when, in the history of the planet, dinosaurs were to found across the globe.

Next Leader Martin gave us a talk about the origin of modern dinosaurs and our current understanding of their evolution from early feathered flightless dinosaurs. Of course there also had to be some silliness thrown in which came when we tried to work out how many of our footprints would fit in a single dinosaur footprint.

Next came craft time with Leader Helen and everyone spent time examine and tracing amazing dinosaur fossil skeletons. The concentration on some of our members faces was intense as they created some wonderful pictures.

Finally it was time for something more active as we played our mostly successful ‘Pass the Dinosaur Egg’ game 🙂 Our members carefully passed the ‘eggs’ using legs and feet along the 2 team lines as quickly as possible while also trying not to descend into giggles! Not an easy task 🙂

Always great to end a meeting with laughter after some fun learning.



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