Sunday 29th April 2018: Dawn Chorus and Barbecue Breakfast

It’s that time of year Wildlife Explorers set their alarm clocks for 5.00 am and head to a beauty spot close to Macclesfield to listen to the incredible sounds of the Dawn Chorus.

35 Wildlife Explorers gathered at the car park at the bottom of Tegg’s Nose Country Park, Leader Martin played a selection of bird songs so the group could start to familiarise themselves with the sounds filling the woods. Families learned how to identify Chiffchaff, Willow warbler, Wood pigeon and the distinctive trill of the wren.

There was a carpet of pretty, white wood sorrel flowers and the first bluebells were just beginning to flower. Leader Martin took a small detour on the walk and took us all to see a badger sett and showed us film of the badgers captured on a trail camera.

Explorers walked along the path through Teggsnose Wood through a patchwork of different bird habitats. The air was full of birdsong and everyone was delighted to pick out the spring migrants singing.

Bird List
Blue tit
Canada goose
Great crested grebe
Great spotted woodpecker
Green woodpecker
Mandarin duck
Song Thrush
Willow warbler
Wood pigeon

The morning finished with a hearty barbecue breakfast. With fabulous food donations from Flour Water Salt, Tegg’s Nose Tea Room and Barrows Butchers everyone tucked into some delicious early morning fayre. (It’s amazing how much better breakfast tastes outdoors after an early morning walk!)

Thanks to our fantastic breakfast catering team Liz, Will and Jen!

Everyone enjoyed their expedition learning more about birdsong in the spring but afterwards many of them sneaked home back to bed!




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