Monday 17th September 2018:Tides – Life at the Water’s Edge

The first indoor session kicked off with ‘Tides – Life at the Water’s Edge’ a reminder for some of summer holidays spent by the coast!

Abercrombie organised a fascinating shell quiz for the joining activity. Explorers learned lots about the variety of shells and how to spot the odd one out! Leader Martin explained how and why we get tides and then discussed some of the challenges for the creatures living in the intertidal zone.

Our craft for the session was strandline printing – recreating an intertidal zone in art, complete with seaweed, flotsam and jetsam on the strandline, using repurposed scrap materials for the textures of the beach.

The Phoenix group had an in depth discussion about the impact of the built environment on birds, particularly in reference to the impact of lighting and windows on migrating birds. They also learned about the way different families of birds use different strategies to keep their plumage in tip top condition – preen oil and powder down.

Fun and games kicked off with the old favourite playdough charades! Members modelled rockpool creatures and the rest of the group had to guess their identity – there were lots of speedy correct answers but it is hard to tell whether or not it was the modellers or guessers that exhibited the most talent!

The sessions rounded off with members holiday photos – an incredible selection of great wildlife photos taken in places as diverse as the Peak District, Vancouver Island, Kefalonia and the Rocky Mountains.


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