Monday 19th November 2018:Nature’s Superheroes – Wildlife Super Powers

Our temporary home for the December Indoor meeting was Parkroyal school. We made the most of the lovely surroundings and access to the hall for our session on Nature’s Superheroes. To start off with everyone collated a booklet of nature puzzles and colouring.Leader Martin explained how some incredible creatures use ‘super powers’ to help them survive.

We learned about the speed of cheetahs and peregrine falcons, the visual acuity of Buzzards, the strength of dung beetles and the design skills of decorator crabs! Martin also explained the arsenal of defensive and attack weapons of the box jelly and leopard sea slug, as well as the complexity of tiny but incredible rotifers, not forgetting a quick mention of Tina’s favourite – tardigrades!

Explorers Jocelyn, Owen and Matthew were all given poster prizes as they all remembered to come to the meeting as superheroes!

The craft for the evening was conker Christmas decorations – everyone made either an elf or an angel for the Christmas tree. They all had great hair styles.

We played Quick on the Draw – there were some great drawing and amazing guessing skills in evidence. Older explorers also played Frogger – a game where a detective has to work out which of the other players is the ‘frog’ secretly killing the other players by adeptly flicking their tongue out!

Both groups voted for their favourite Nature Superhero. The first group chose Peregrine Falcon, whilst older explorers and Phoenix chose the Leopard Sea Slug!

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