Monday 21st January 2019: Rainow Primary

Our first Big School Birdwatch of 2019 took place at Rainow Primary School.
As usual Year 3 split into two groups to count the birds, taking it in turns to take part in the indoor and outdoor part of the survey. The outdoor group used binoculars to spot birds in the school wood and around the grounds, taking care to look around the edges of playing fields in the trees and bushes. The most exciting spots of the morning had to be a song thrush and a treecreeper, looking for food whilst moving carefully up the trunk of tree.

The school feeds the birds regularly and children in the conservatory had great, close views of the bird feeders. Lots of birds visited to pick up seeds and nuts to eat. As well as blue tits, great tits and coal tits, at one point a flock of ten long-tailed tits came to feed. Children in the conservatory also got the chance to make bird masks – resulting in two impressive flocks: house sparrows and blue tits!

In total 14 different species were seen this year.
This is the 13th year that volunteers from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers have visited the school to run the Big Schools’ Birdwatch. In that time there have been changes in the numbers of species and overall numbers of birds seen – the results play an important part in helping the RSPB to build an overall picture of birds in school grounds all over the country and how wild bird populations are faring.

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